Alythuh Art is a small business that strives to bring Fine Art and Modern Lifestyle together. 
Founded in 2016 by Alyssa Silos, we are dedicated to offer an unparalleled collection of Originals, Giclée prints, and other products that beautifully embody the different natures of a woman. We don't like sticking to the norm... the art and products you find here will always be fluid in ideas while still keeping some of Silos's core elements: magical women, botanical motifs, or rich skin tone palettes. 
We are establishing a future legacy not only by efficiently operating in a challenging, fast moving, and global marketplace, but also through constantly being attentive to our customers and curating products to their benefit and/or appeal.


Alythuh Art was built on the confidence we gained through our quality assurance and attention to detail. We like making people happy. We don’t just sell to sell, we truly believe buying art is more than just a retail transaction. We’re inspired by travel, seasons, culture, and people. Every product we come out with is prompted by 100’s of blueprints, quality control checked by multiple sources, and weeks to months of research just to ensure your satisfaction.