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Alyssa Silos is a Filipino-American visual artist, born in Hawaii but currently working out of Las Vegas. She grew up reading Japanese comics and watching anime, which was the catalyst to her artistic journey. She started independently studying Fine Art and began her freelance career.   
Her muses are usually mythological inhabited, sultry South East Asian women, that more often than not, are complimented by botanical motifs. They carry inexpressive, vacant stares to contrast with the fluid and dynamic body movement; creating a harmonious balance between being coy yet setting a statement. She's particularly drawn to painting elongated necks that follow protruding collarbones, subtly representing elements of poise and temptation. 
However, Silos's work cannot be credited to feminine energy alone, but also through her rich skin tone palettes. She believes you can evoke powerful and telling emotion through undertones, hues, shadows, and highlights. With Silos being of Filipino descent, normalizing brown skin in Fine Art is a recurring theme she intends to celebrate in her pieces. She renders her muses by rigorous layers with colored pencil on wooden blocks, seamlessly blending it into a smooth finish. 
Furthermore, Silos's work has appeared in international galleries, exhibits, and private collections world wide. She exhibited in her first international gallery in Seoul, South Korea 2017. Following her first solo international art exhibit in Tokyo, Japan 2018. Locally, she publicly appeared her work for the first time at an LGBTQ gallery event in Las Vegas. Some other creative events she partook in are Jam Fest and Art Square. Her work is also featured on skincare/cosmetic brand AYELE & CO, Yahoo, etc. 
On her journey of being a young emerging artist, she recently started curating self defense kits, sketchbooks, and apparel that has then led her to be part of Mayas organization. Because while her occupation is being an artist, she also centralizes her life around social issues and traveling. 

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