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Strawberry keychain

Strawberry keychain

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Our defense keychains are pretty, so they can seem innocent to the unsuspecting attacker. Get too close though, and you’ll find out that they pack a punch - literally. These attach easily to a bunch of keys or anything else that a keychain can be latched to. The lock-release design means that it can be pulled free of the chain and easily brandished against anyone who threatens you.

Good looks, painful hooks: These defense keychains come in a selection of different designs. Even though some designs might be quite different from the others, they will all do the same job when it comes to self-defense.
Be sure of local laws: While there are no federal laws in the United States regarding defense keychains, they can sometimes be classified differently.  It is important to check your state and city laws before purchasing.
International laws: If you’re across a border, hello! Most countries do not have laws regarding defense keychains. Some countries ban defense keychains that classify as brass knuckles on a federal level. This includes Canada, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Russia, Spain, Germany, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, and many more. Always be sure of laws in your country before buying defense keychains.
♡ 20-21 mm finger hole
♡ lock release mechanism for easy access
♡ Gold lining



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